Peace & Blessings, Welcome to my universe!

I've always had a child-like curiosity and fascination with our galaxy, scifi-realism and the elements of nature, so As an artist and designer (Eclectic futurism) , my work is inspired by futuristic content and the beauty, wonder, complexity and infiniteness of god's creation. I believe that science does not fight with god and that god is the master scientist. THE HUMAN BEING, THE MATERIAL WORLD AND ALL OF ITS FUNCTIONS PROVES THIS POINT.

I BELIEVE THAT EVERYTHING IN NATURE IS physically, mentally and spiritually CONNECTED. when WE acknowledge and understand this connection, human beings can live a more balanced existence and harmonize with self, god and his creation, therefore, helping to heal ourselves OF THE ILLNESS, dysfunction AND CHAOS THAT compromises OUR HEALTH, PEACE AND JOY. for these reasons and more, I'm a 20 year naturalista and vegetarian with a desire to use this platform to share some of my favorite organic and home made health, beauty and cooking recipes in order to help others look and feel their natural best.

i enjoy writing poetry with one of my favorite poems being inspired by and written for my two older sons when they were in their younger and more inquisitive years as an attempt to show them the physical reality of god and his capabilities.

I love being a naturalista and wrapping my hair. i think of headwraps as  my crown, an additional layer of Modesty and another way for me to express my creativity. I share a few natural hairstyles and headwrapping tutorials of some of my favorite styles that i love to wear on this platform as well.

I reside in Raleigh, N.C. with my husband and 4 children and even though my passion is art, designing, creative expression and mentoring, my professional background Includes being a veteran with 9 years of active duty military service in the U.S. Army with a Bachelors of Science degree in Organizational Administration from North Carolina Wesleyan College. I served in Wiesbaden, Germany, Baghdad, Iraq, Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, Fort Story, Virginia and Fort Bragg, North carolina  as a Human Resources Specialist and i continued working in the Human Resources  profession after the military with the National Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (NCP), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and most recently, with the u.s. Department of Veterans Affairs.